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Vision Quest 2018

I quested this year… This is my fifth quest. It has been 8 years since my last one, and so very much life has happened, that my life is, at times, unrecognizable.

I resisted the call… having heard it faintly for the last few years, always able to shake it off and turn my focus on running camp and participating at the planning and teaching level. For those who are not familiar with the LightSong community, we have a yearly “Telepathic Communication Practicum,” which is centered around the concept of the Vision Quest, where those who are called spend four days and four nights out in the woods alone, no food or water, praying. This year, there was no shaking it off. I was called, undeniably, and I was compelled to answer that call.

My intentions for quest were:

To be an open conduit, to bring in information and healing from Spirit.

To receive, integrate, and disseminate this energy.

To listen in ways, I don’t yet understand; to be present, still, available.

To release that which does not serve—gently.

To effortlessly embody the human aspects of grace and kindness.

To attain balance and physical wholeness.

To be fully alive, with peace in my heart.

To explore options for the rest of my journey as Karen Hefner.

To experience clarity around my dreams.

Energy follows intention… magic follows energy… questing is magic.

There were more gifts and healings than I can possibly explain… but over the next few months, I am going to share some of these gifts. Here are some notes from my journal:

Ø  Self-worth is not based in doing, it is based in being.

Ø  If I died right now, would I feel ready? What would I regret not doing or saying? Those are the doing things that matter the most. (I suggest sitting with these questions for yourself.)

Ø  There is no hurry really. We are all rushing toward our death. How silly is that? I am actually in no hurry to leave this life.

Ø  It helps me to see things as energy. It simplifies—becomes childlike in its basic innocence.

Ø  I am also striving to see things from the cosmic realm—the soul level—which is more complex—the elder is not so easily understood.

Ø  In between, we are human. Both And.

Ø  All things present to be healed.

Ø  Healing looks all kinds of different ways, in this dimension it can look all kinds of messy.

Ø  Sometimes the kindest thing you can do for someone is to kick their butt.

Ø  We become accustomed to a certain level of discomfort. Forgetting what it feels like to be free. Remembering our brilliance is like that.

Ø  You are nothing short of a miracle.

I look forward to sharing more of my journal entries with you in blog posts to come… Blessings on you all, Karen

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