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Igniting Aspects of Your Whole Self

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Igniting Aspects of Your Whole Self

Depending upon the number of participants, classes will be held at Igniting Spirit at an alternate location. Remote course offerings will be held online. 

The cost of this workshop is $350 (10 - three-hour sessions) and can be paid on a class-by-class basis ($35 per session). Please understand that you are responsible for the entire class fee regardless of attendance.

Please contact Karen to reserve a space. A minimum class size is required. 

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Taking part in the human experience is complicated; and we realize much too late that this journey is much too short! It is a balancing act to work with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human condition - yet to take full advantage of our time here, balance is a vital skill.

As humans, we agree to participate in the amazing magic of this place, as well as the complexities of Ego, personality, the Laws of Attraction and gravity, and the power of Sacred Will.

We will focus on opportunities to heal, recognize, mature, love, integrate and connect with the challenges and gifts of being human. We will focus on the healthy aspects of the Ego, and opportunities for growth and awareness.

Topics include:

  • Identifying and Understanding Your Ego
  • Form and Formlessness
  • Thoughts and Emotions
  • Presence
  • Take Action