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Igniting Spirit: Born from the desire to be in service.

Igniting Spirit is part of a magical community of Healers, Teachers, Shamanic Practitioners, Reiki Masters, and Lightworkers who strive to provide loving healing and support to all who seek restoration, information, and community. The offerings are diverse, unique, personal, and the intentions behind each one are created with integrity and clarity.

Each person on this planet is a perfect being; a bright, shining light; a beautiful soul wrapped in human form. Our experiences in this life can be challenging, rewarding and empowering when approached from a place of love and balance. We strive to offer assistance in finding that balance. Each encounter, every healing, and all of our offerings are as distinct and extraordinary as the individuals involved.

The founder of Igniting Spirit, Karen Hefner, sincerely strives to facilitate and guide each client's healing and learning in a gentle and loving way. She is an Associate Teacher of the LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine, an Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki Master, holds Master’s degrees in Science and the Arts, a Doctoral degree in Shamanism, is certified as a Life Coach, an Angelic Guidance Counselor® and is a certified F.I.R.E.walk Facilitator. Karen has a strong teaching background that dates back to the mid 1980s. She is also a minister, cancer survivor, mother, and grandmother.


My approach is one of love and compassion. Sessions are spirit-guided and include many forms of guidance and energy healing, including: Life Coaching, Soul Retrieval, Compassionate Spirit Release, Power Animal Retrieval, Cord Cutting, Extraction, Curse Unraveling, Angel Guidance Counseling, and Reiki. 

All healing is attained by setting a clear intention and the co-creation and cooperation of the client with the unconditional love of the Universe and All That Is.


There has been a quiet voice within me, whispering, urging, encouraging... patiently waiting for me to be ready and willing to facilitate a series of self-growth workshops based in story, myth, and magic. Workshops that will facilitate personal growth and healing in a safe, fun way. 

Most Igniting Spirit Workshops are available remotely and locally. Please contact Karen for details specific to your schedule and location.

Events & Ceremonies

Events include Ceremonies and Rituals, as well as Local and International Travel and Retreats.

Ceremonies and Rituals help us to focus our intention and help us viscerally and emotionally feel an experience, which allows an actual, tangible event to be stored in our memory. Igniting Spirit offers custom ceremonies and rituals including: Firewalks, Talisman Rituals, Gratitude Ceremonies, House Blessings, Weddings, Handfastings, and more. 

Karen Hefner is a gifted leader and facilitator of meditation and ritual. She has a deep sense of when to listen and when to talk, gained from her shamanic training and experiences. She is able to state deep truths in a patient and comforting way. She walks the talk on her path, unafraid to share when she has stumbled and not judgmental when those in her care stumble.
The meditations she led helped me to find new understanding from the confusion in my life. Anyone who has a chance to work with Karen should go for it, 100%. I am proud to have worked with her.
— Charlotte Babb; Spartanburg, South Carolina
The first time I heard the beat of Karen’s drum, the rhythmic pounding found its way deep into my soul and immediately signaled to me I was where I belonged. Karen sends out love and genuine caring to all within the sound of her notes. Karen’s drum beats not only welcoming sounds and sunrise greetings, but also sounds of laughter and celebration. It also expresses consoling echoes of understanding and emanates poignant reminders of departure and sunsets. Her drum transports one into the journeying depths of their souls. When one returns, they instinctively know that something special has occurred.
— Nancy Ayer Eastsound, Washington Frederiksted, Virgin Island


Deeply invested in healing and personal growth, I gently guide people toward their own innate health and happiness through energy healing, coaching, education, and ceremony. My intention is to assist you in finding your soul’s path, your True Self, your source of power and freedom. I offer this with deep gratitude to my teachers, Spirit guides, and the native healers and communities who have been so generous with their teachings, healing, and ceremonies. It would be an honor to work with you on your healing journey.

Blessings on you,