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New Life, Opportunities, Awareness, Growth, and Potential… The Possibilities are Endless!

There is so much going on, and going by so fast… It can be confusing! Unless we get in touch with our own True Self, we can find ourselves suffering, becoming confused and disheartened. During a particularly difficult time in my life, I wrote the following:

From the chaos, Comes the Growth

From the uncertainty, Comes the Healing

From the trials, Comes the Change

From the tribulations, Comes the Release

From the tests, Comes the Truth

From the trauma, Comes the Oneness

From everything, Comes the Love

This has been my Truth… My heart opens with love, and closes with fear. Simple? Yes, but profound in its truth and practice. What do you believe to be True? What is your Truth?

I found my Truth within, contained in my True Self; that unwoundable core at the center of our being.

Courtney SchildComment