Firewalk Ceremony - Call to the Horizon

                                   Saturday, July 9 at 6:30pm

For more information, refer to the Firewalk Ceremony Details page.


                           Call to the Horizon   

                                                          3 Opportunities - Suggested offering $10-20

                                           Wednesday and Thursday, June 29-30 and Thursday, July 7

             Join me for some evenings of fun and creativity… You can come once, twice, or all four evenings.

Energy follows intention. We are the Creators of our destiny. And we manifest our reality.

Spirit is constantly communicating with us… And, the process of creation provides an outlet for Spirit to speak clearly and effortlessly.  The use of Vision boards dates back to the era of the Cave People, and beyond. Let's utilize this medium to create some magic!

There will be poster boards, art supplies, and magazines for words and images provided. 

                                         You are also welcome to bring supplies of your own.

We will create a beautiful energetic container, with intention and open hearts, to play, create, and listen deeply. 

For those attending the Firewalk, this is a great time to create a Talisman or Gratitude poster!!!


     Igniting Your Path to Wholeness: Medicine Wheel   

                                        10 Sessions - Local & Remote Options - $350 ($35 per session)

          Kick-Off Session on Monday, August 1st - then 9 weekly sessions beginning on Wednesday, August 24

                               For more information, refer to the Classes and Workshops page.


Igniting the Hero Within: Archetypes & True Self

12 Sessions beginning in August/September - $360 ($30 per session)

Scheduling the Remote Sessions NOW!!! Please contact Karen for more information

For more information, refer to the Classes and Workshops page.


    Igniting Aspects of Your Whole Self: A Healthy Ego

                                              10 Sessions - Local & Remote Options - $350 ($35 per session)

                                   Tuesdays from 6:30-9:30p beginning September 20 through November 22

For more information, refer to the Classes and Workshops page.


Igniting Spirit Classes

Most classes are available Locally (Portland, Oregon) and Remotely (via technology).
For more detailed information, please refer to the Classes and Workshop page listed on the left. 

Contact Karen to register at

More Classes Coming Soon!

        • Igniting Your Connection to the Angels
                                                          Learning to listen to the Angelic Realm
        • Igniting Your Life's Direction
Balancing the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit
  • Igniting Your Soul's Passage
     Exploring Ritual, Ceremony, and Sacred Space


Always Available!!!

One-on-one Healing / Teaching Sessions

These sessions are spirit-guided and can include many forms of shamanic and energy healing 
techniques and protocols including but not limited to: Soul Retrieval, Compassionate Spirit Release, 
Power Animal Retrieval, Cord Cutting, Extraction, Curse Unraveling, Reiki, and Angel Guidance Counseling®

Custom-Made Drums and Rattles

Karen will do a shamanic journey on your behalf, and with the help of her spirit guides and power 
animals, will create a drum or rattle specifically and uniquely yours. 

Reiki Treatments & Training

Karen is available to teach Reiki classes to individuals or groups, as requested. She teaches and 
utilizes the materials created by the International Center for Reiki Training.