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LightSong's Mystery School Approach: Beyond the Five Senses 

12 month program begins January 31 – Teacher: Karen Hefner

 For the past few years, LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine has offered classes in Ascension to assist us in preparing in a conscious way for the greatest years in human existence. We are now moving to another level of training and exploration of study. This new series of classes will focus on the knowledge, skills, initiations, and magic necessary to live successfully and happily on our New Earth. We hope you will join us as we embark on this mystical, luminous journey!

For more information or to register, please click here to visit the website.


My Magical Journey to Egypt!

I listened to Spirit talk about Egypt. They whispered in my ear for years. I stepped up and out and made my pilgrimage to Egypt in February 2015. I asked for some tangible indication of the benefits that will be reaped on this journey. I was assured that the information, healing, and initiations I experienced would inform my teaching and healing work, and it has. Here is what I wrote for my guides and facilitators there:

My Egypt

In February 2015, I had the profound privilege of joining a group of travelers, led by Presence of Heart and guided by Quest Travel, on a journey to Egypt. The experience and effect on my life are deep and difficult to put into words.

Whether you feel a sacred call to this magical place, are following a curiosity, or are simply accompanying another whose dream it is to visit Egypt, this opportunity to explore a land filled with mystery is not to be missed.

From the moment I arrived, my every need was gently and beautifully taken care of… I felt the warm welcome of the soul of the Egyptian people at every turn, easing any questions or concerns that may have been in my mind. I felt safe, secure, respected, and at ease.

The container created by this team of skilled professionals allowed my experience to take me deep into the realms enchantment—of Temples, Pyramids, and Tombs—feeling the mystery and knowingness of truly standing at the center of the world. Jane shares her profound love of Egypt with an open heart and the wisdom of decades of sacred ceremonies and initiations. Emil’s passion for his home and depth of knowledge as an Egyptologist adds a dimension of linear and nonlinear understanding. His playful Spirit adds to the joy of being pampered in luxury on land at the Mena House, and on the charmed atmosphere of the Afandina, as we floated gently down the Nile. Mohammed’s grace and expertise in providing structure and balance—as well as his reputation as a consummate guide and respected businessman—added to the comfort and certainty of a tour well-done, and done with love.

Words pale in comparison to the gratitude I feel in my heart for my experience in Egypt. I will return, and when I do, I will again seek the guidance and assistance of Presence of Heart and Quest Travel.

With the amazing generosity and support of my family and friends, I went to Egypt and experienced the life-altering magic of that country and those people. My gratitude is deep and profound. Stay tuned for more as I continue to integrate my experiences and share them with you all. 


                      Igniting Spirit - Firewalks

TBD - Damascus, Oregon

Firewalking is one of the oldest known transformation tools. It is often used as a ritual of purification and healing. This ritual and the accompanying ceremonies are designed to transform and empower us. Please click here for more details.


    Igniting Your Connection to Community and Spirit:                                  Drop-In Skills Night

                                 6-8pm - Local Event (Portland, Oregon) - $15-30 Offering                                         Twice Monthly - 3/5, 9, 4/9, 23, 5/21, 28, 6/18, 25, 7/2, 23, 8/13, 27, 9/10, 24, 10/1, 22, 11/5, 19, 12/3, 17 

Come practice your shamanic and energy medicine skills in a relaxed, inviting environment. We will have a variety of activities and ceremonies available for all skill levels and interests. This evening is designed as an informal way to stay connected to yourself and your community. We will meet in my home at: 3930 SE Madison Street, Portland, OR.

Bring a journal, an eye cover, a snack, a rattle and/or drum, and an open heart!


      Igniting Your Path to Wholeness: Medicine Wheel   

9 Sessions - 6-9pm PST - Local Event (Portland, OR) $360 ($40 per session ) - Dates to be announced soon!

For more information, refer to the Classes and Workshops page.


      Igniting the Hero Within: Archetypes & True Self

11 Sessions beginning in May/June - Remote Event - $330 Scheduling coordinated with participants

For more information, refer to the Classes and Workshops page.


Igniting Aspects of Your Whole Self: A Healthy Ego

10 Sessions beginning in May/June - Remote Event - $300 Scheduling coordinated with participants

For more information, refer to the Classes and Workshops page.


Igniting Spirit Classes

Most classes are available Locally (Portland, Oregon) and Remotely (via technology).
For more detailed information, please refer to the Classes and Workshop page listed on the left. 

Contact Karen to register at karen@ignitingspirit.com

Igniting Your Connection to the Angels

  Next opportunity coming soon!!!


New Classes Coming Soon!

        • Igniting Your Life's Direction

   Balancing the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit

  • Igniting Your Soul's Passage
Exploring Ritual, Ceremony, and Sacred Space


Always Available!!!

One-on-one Healing / Teaching Sessions

These sessions are spirit-guided and can include many forms of shamanic and energy healing 
techniques and protocols including but not limited to: Soul Retrieval, Compassionate Spirit Release, 
Power Animal Retrieval, Cord Cutting, Extraction, Curse Unraveling, Reiki, and Angel Guidance Counseling®

Custom-Made Drums and Rattles

Karen will do a shamanic journey on your behalf, and with the help of her spirit guides and power 
animals, will create a drum or rattle specifically and uniquely yours. 

Reiki Treatments & Training

Karen is available to teach Reiki classes to individuals or groups, as requested. She teaches and 
utilizes the materials created by the International Center for Reiki Training.