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Igniting Your Connection ​to the



Igniting Your Connection to the Angels

Depending upon the number of participants, classes will be held at Igniting Spirit or at an alternate location. Remote course offerings will be held online. 

The cost of this workshop is $80.

Please contact Karen to reserve a space. A minimum class size is required. 

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Come play with the Angels using Oracle Cards and learn to receive clear messages for yourself and others. This is a great way to build confidence and learn new tools for communicating with the Angels. (All levels are welcome!)

In this class, we will be working together to remove blocks and gain confidence as we receive readings for ourselves. Also we will share and practice giving readings as a group. You will learn how to hear the Angelic guidance and know the difference between Angels’ messages and those of your own.

Topics include:

  • The Four Forms of Divine Guidance
  • Initial Steps to Divine Communication
  • Senses, Sensing & Knowing
  • Opening Your Spiritual Sight
  • Healing with Sound
  • Clearing Thoughts & Energy
  • Manifesting Your Divine Guidance

Come prepared to have a great time!