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Awaken Your True Potential.

Awaken Your True Self.


Ceremonies and Rituals help us to focus our intention and help us viscerally and emotionally feel an experience, which allows an actual, tangible event to be stored in our memory. Human beings embody the physical plane; and as such, possess a desire to interact with our environment in a physical way. Ritual provides an outlet for us to include our auditory, visual and kinesthetic senses in bringing to life and sharing our emotions and desires. Rituals embodying transformation are common around the world.


Special Event!!!   Join Karen Hefner and Jane Bell on a Magical, Mystical Adventure in Egypt!!!


FireWalk Ceremony

Firewalking is one of the oldest transformation tools known. It is often used as a ritual of purification and healing. This ritual and the accompanying ceremonies are designed to transform and empower us.

House Blessings

A House Blessings is a sacred ritual designed to clear your home of any low-vibration energies, and create a loving, protected space for you and your family.

Weddings & Handfastings

Karen has been preforming unions, commitment ceremonies, handfastings, and weddings for more than 20 years for couples of diverse religious and sexual orientations.