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An invitation to awaken

October 1-15, 2020

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An Invitation to Awaken

A Mystical Journey to Egypt

With Jane Bell and Karen Hefner

dates - October 1-15, 2020


Jane Bell is a spiritual teacher, mentor and facilitator, who has been taking people on spiritual and transformatonal journeys for over 20 years.  Her awakening in Egypt in 1992 brought her home to her lineage and path into the Egyptian Mysteries.  Her intimate relationship with the country, its ancient teachings and sites, provides her travelers with an unparalleled experience of this extraordinary country.  More information is on her website: www.presenceofheart.com

Karen Hefner is a healer, teacher, and spiritual guide. Karen’s passion for Egypt began at an early age, and her trip with Jane inspired her to return and share this with others. This sacred calling is a spiritual quest to connect to the ancient mysteries and open portals for the healing of the planet and all of humanity. 


We begin our Sacred Journey upon the Giza plateau, where we explore the timeless mysteries of the Sphinx and Pyramids in meditation and initiation. We visit the wondrous temple complex of Sakkara and the recently opened Serapium, an ancient site where legend has it, Ptah created the world. From Giza, we fly to Upper Egypt, where we board our private sailing vessel, the Afandina to follow the Nile’s course visiting sacred sites all along the way. The Afandina is a replica of an ancient Egyptian sailing vessel and will be our home for most of the journey. This intimate 5-Star vessel (sleeps 16) with its own staff and private chef, provides us with the comforts of home as we gracefully travel along the Nile. We will spend several nights docked in Luxor to take in the beauty and majesty of its ancient sites and temples including: Dendarah, Abydos, Luxor Temple, Karnak and the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank. We will visit the exquisite temple of Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Kings, and the ancient tomb of Aye in the Valley of the Baboons. We will spend several nights cruising the Nile, where we will also visit both Edfu and Kom Ombo temples, and Soheil Island. When we dock at Aswan, we are ready for a private initiatory visit to the exquisite temple of Philae dedicated to the goddess Isis.

We spend a total of nine nights upon this private floating temple, allowing us to deeply immerse in the magic and mystery of the Nile and integrate our experiences. There will be ample time to explore the beautiful sites along the Nile both with the group and to spend time on our own. When we return to Cairo our work culminates in a private evening ceremony and meditation in the Great Pyramid. Our final day affords an opportunity to visit the ancient bazaar known as the Khan El Khalili, the oldest souk in Cairo.

Day One - Depart from your home in time to arrive in Cairo by mid-day on October 2nd.  (We can also help you arrange an extra night or two if you wish to arrive early).  

Day Two - Arrive in Cairo by mid-day and check-in to the exquisite Mena House Hotel, located adjacent to the Giza Plateau. We begin with an opening circle and dinner at Felfela Restaurant to initiate our group journey.

Day Three - At dawn we drive up to the Giza Plateau and proceed in silence for a private ceremony and meditation between the paws of the Sphinx. Visiting at such an early hour allows us to experience the energies of this iconic plateau and its three mysterious pyramids nearly alone. After our ceremony, we will visit the healing complex of Sakkara & the Serapium, filled with amazing underground passageways and 24 granite sarcophagi weighing 70 tons each. Afterwards, we stop for lunch at a wonderful local restaurant on the Sakkara Road. (Dinner is on our own this evening.)

Day Four - After breakfast we visit the Egyptian Museum and then head to the airport for our flight to Aswan where we board the Dahabiah named the “Afandina,” which will be our home for the next nine nights.

Day Five - We will have the morning free to enjoy the beauty of our Afandina and the magic of the Nile. We will come together as a group before an afternoon Felucca sail to the ancient site of Soheil where the ancient Egyptians made pilgrimages to the gods Hapi and Khnum to honor the source of the Nile. Afterward we will enjoy shopping in Aswan Market. That evening we dine in Aswan aboard the Afandina.

Day Six - At dawn we take an early morning ferry for a private pre-dawn ceremony in the exquisite Temple of Philae dedicated to the Goddess Isis. This is one of the highlights of the journey. After we will sail to Kom Ombo, where we visit the only temple in Egypt dedicated to two gods, Horus the Falcon and Sobek the Crocodile. This healing temple was an ancient hospital and hieroglyphs there show the advanced healing techniques that the ancients used.  We then sail to an island near Kom Ombo to enjoy another fabulous meal aboard the Afandina.

Day Seven - A day to settle in and continue enjoying our sail upon the Nile. We’ll have time for meditation, integration and discussion about the ancient mysteries. Perhaps even a dip in the Nile itself before we arrival in Edfu, to visit the temple dedicated to the god Horus, the first King of Egypt.

Day Eight - A day of sailing the Nile, stopping at the ancient city of Esna as we go through the locks. This give us time to rest, meditate and integrate all that we’ve experienced thus far.

Day Nine - We sail to Luxor where we visit the huge temple complex of Karnak, where among many other marvels, the statue of the goddess Sekhmet is housed in her original site. We stay overnight in Luxor.

Day Ten - We take an early morning bus ride through the villages of the countryside and then into the desert to reach the ancient site of Abydos, an ancient sacred site where the First Dynasty Kings paid homage and made pilgrimage.  Beneath the temple is the ancient Osirion where the Flower of Life symbol first appeared, mysteriously inscribed on the granite walls. On our return we will visit the exquisite Temple of Dendarah dedicated to the goddess Hathor, who represents divine love and joy.

Day Eleven - Early morning we travel to the West Bank of Luxor where the tombs and funerary temples lie. Here we visit the exquisite temple of Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Kings, and the ancient tomb of Aye in the Valley of the Baboons.

Day Twelve - Our group visits the majestic Temple of Luxor dedicated to the ancient goddess Mut, the consort of Amun. We then enjoy a leisurely day, with free time in beautiful Luxor.

Day Thirteen - Morning flight to Cairo and return to the Mena House hotel to prepare for our private evening visit into the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Dinner is on your own.

Day Fourteen - On our final day together, we leave after breakfast to visit the ancient bazaar known as the Khan El Khalili, the oldest souk in Cairo. We return in the late afternoon for last minute packing, our closing circle and a final banquet at Andrea New Giza.

Day Fifteen - Depart for home.

(Please note that the itinerary may change in direction based upon the schedule of the Afandina at the time of sailing.  All sites will be included though the order in which we visit the would be reversed.)

Tour Pricing (Estimate based on previous year)

  • Tour (excluding international airfare) $6,300

  • Prices based on double occupancy

  • Single supplement (if there is space) $1,200

  • Deposit: $900 is non-refundable

  • The costs are based on minimum of 15 passengers

  • Preferred payments are by personal checks made out to Presence of Heart LLC Tours send to PO Box 647, Inverness, CA 94937 or pay with PayPal or credit card

  • If using Paypal or a credit card a 4% fee is added to cover costs

 The Tour Includes:

  • All hotel accommodations and travel in Egypt

  • Nine night Nile Cruise on the dahabia, The Afandina

  • Domestic flight to Aswan and return to Cairo

  • All entrance fees to temples and tombs

  • Our enthusiastic and mystical Egyptologist

  • Most tips (excluding boat crew and Egyptologist)

  • Private visits to the Sphinx, Great Pyramid, and Philae (Temple of Isis)

  • Transportation and transfers to and from the airport

  • All meals except two dinners

 The tour does NOT include:

  • Entry visa of $25 upon arrival (some may need to purchase Visa before arrival)

  • Travel Insurance

  • Cancellation Insurance

  • Hotels accommodations for extra nights. Quest Travel is happy to arrange those for you

For more information you can always email: Janebell@presenceofheart.com OR Karen@ignitingspirit.com or Click here to Register!